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The Combined Electronic Search System is a revolution in electronic search equipment designed to rapidly and efficiently detect, identify and locate surveillance devices (bugs). Four tried and tested detection methods, namely, a harmonic receiver, a broadband receiver, a non-linear junction detector and a metal detector are integrated into one compact, easy to use unit. Combining four complementary sensor systems together means more effective and efficient search capability. With just one physical sweep of a target area four separate searches are carried out. The Combined Electronic Search System automatically switches between the four sensors using each detection method in turn, five times a second; allowing a continuous display of all detector activity. Each sensor provides information which combines to provide a comprehensive picture of any concealed targets. The information is displayed as an easily understood bar graph.

Additional expert screens give access to more detailed information for each of the sensors. Using multiple detector information in this way improves detection and gives more accurate identification between false alarms and real targets. For the first time four traditional sweep methods are now available in one system meaning that this is the only electronic search tool needed.
User Benefits
• Designed for non-technical users
• Integrated use of sensors optimises detection of devices
• Simplified presentation of complex information
• User-friendly touch-screen controls
• Clear indication of targets
• Simultaneous sensor sweep significantly reduces search time
• Cost-effective solution for bug detection
• Ergonomic light-weight design for comfortable operation
• Compact for easy transportation
• Integrated scanning receiver, non-linear junction detector, broadband receiver and metal detector

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