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The Mobile Phone Detector has been designed as an easy-to-use hand-held detector that immediately alerts users to the active use of localised mobile telephones. With an instant audio, vibrate or visual alarm occurring when a transmission takes place, users can quickly pinpoint the exact location of the active mobile phone using the signal strength indicator on the LCD screen.

The LCD screen indicates the relative strength. The closer to an active transmission source the futher to the right the indicator moves. When the signal source is very close and the indicator has reached maximum the display flashes.


• Dedicated hand-held mobile phone detector
• Easy to operate for non-technical users
• Covers GSM and DCS1800 standards
• Capable of detecting voice, data, fax, SMS and GPRS (up to class 8) transmissions
• Audio and vibrate alarms alert user to mobile phone activity
• Flashing activity LED to indicate phone activity
• Single shot alarm LED for unattended monitoring
• LCD display indicates proximity of active mobile phone
• Integral dual band antenna
• External DC input for prolonged periods of use
• Can be used hand-held, wall-mounted or free-standing using the keypad lid/support

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