Counter Surveillance / TSCM Equipment


The Advance Cable Checker includes the following features; highly sensitive audio frequency amplifier, tuneable low frequency radio receiver, digital display meter , integral tone generator and Isolated DC power output . These features combine to provide an invaluable tool for the detection of microphones and other bugging signals at levels from microvolts to volts on all types of cable including AC and DC power cables and telephone lines.

 User Benefits

• Highly sensitive audio frequency amplifier with adjustable audio levels to allow both very quiet and loud sound to be recorded and listened to easily
• Tuneable low frequency radio receiver to allow location of sub-carrier bugging devices on AC and DC power cables
• Digital display metre to detect the presence of DC power on wire pairs and to measure line condition changes.
• An integral variable sweep tone generator is used to activate single tone remotely controlled bugging devices.
• The isolated DC power output enables detection of FET or Elecret microphones connected to the cable being tested
• Switchable cable loads enable line resistance testing and mimicking of the use of the telephone.
• Test equipment included for training and setup purposes

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