Search and EOD Equipment


The Compact Hook and Line Kit is designed to enable the operator to safely remove IEDs and small UXO semi-remotely using a Kevlar core rope and Hook and Line attachments. The Kevlar rope provides a stand-off of 100m.

The Compact Hook and Line Kit is designed to be lightweight and extremely portable and can be deployed in seconds. The kit comes in a heavy-duty nylon carry case which contains the reel of rope and all accessories. The case also has enough additional capacity should the operator whish to add any additional tools etc.


Ballistic Nylon Carry Case
110m Kevlar Rope 5.5m diameter
Lightweight cable reel
2 x 5m lengths of Kevlar rope
2 x Climbing Slings
1 x Small Hook
1 x Medium Hook
1 x Double Hook
2 x Large Hook
2 x 25mm eye
2 x Piton
2 x Karabiner
1 x Fulcrum
2 x Spyra base earth anchors

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