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The System 4626 (46.0 cm wide x 26.0 cm high, 18.1” wide x 10.2” high opening) is compact, lightweight, ergonomic X-Ray Screening System that is easy to install and designed for the screening of briefcases, purses, cameras, laptops, backpacks, shoes, coats, mailbags, bins and parcels.

Due to its compact size and portability it is ideal for :

Schools • Courthouses ●Correctional • Corporate Mailrooms Embassies • Jails • Government Buildings • Special Events • Airports • Military • Banks • Police Nightclubs • Offices • Parcels for Executives
Key features:

• Very portable, compact and affordable. Fits narrow halls, spaces, and through any doorway. Ergonomic height and small footprint enhance security.

• Ideal size, penetration and throughput for mail, laptops, shoes, cellphones, coats, binned items, electronics, food, liquids, handbags, and cameras.

• Advanced, bright digital image. Folded array rapidly images full mailbags, long packages (posters, drawings) and taller items. Unlike highdose analog, door-based fluoroscopes with dull, monochrome, indirect views, the 4626 is fully filmsafe and will not cut off corners.

• Features Pentium 4, 17” monitor, RealClear®, autoScale®, autoDensalert®, autoOutline®, autoSensing®, autoCal®, 64X Smart Zoom, Lighten, Help, DensityScan, and Low Density Stripping, among other features.

• 90kV, 10-11mm penetration eliminates hand searches. Twice the penetration available in less portable systems costing more.

• Multi-Energy Color with Organic/Inorganic Stripping is popular. Half the radiation dose to parcels and contains with lower energy consumption. TIP, Training and Image Archiving autoSaves® images to DVD, CD or USB flash drive. autoMatalert® option highlights organic threat items.

• autoTracking® unique guided conveyor belt system never needs adjustment, lowering operating costs.

• Full autoSensing® eliminates use of troublesome photosening systems or footpad switches. Assures 100% screening of thin blades or plastique in magazines or overnight envelopes, or bag already in tunnel at start-up.

• Interactive training and highly responsive local service. Engineered, made and rigorously tested to the highest ISO 9000 and regulatory standards.



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