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This 40-watt 4,150 lumen Advanced Tactical HiD Rechargeable Search Light is without a doubt one of the most powerful and streamlined hand held HID searchlights available in the world. Approximately 12" in length and just under 4 lbs., it is not much bigger than a large flashlight. It can not only illuminate objects a mile away, but it also provides excellent wide area lighting at ranges typically encountered during searches. It is a high-quality tool for professionals who need massive, reliable & clean light output in a truly portable package. This rugged, compact unit gives law enforcement officers unprecedented tactical advantages in low light environments.

The beam quality of the searchlight is considered the best in the industry by many. The reflector has been shaped to give the tactical team an excellent combination of "throw" and overall coverage. The searchlight is ideal for large area search and rescue operations, and long-range identification requirements such as vehicle checkpoints, border security, and assault operations. It replaces cumbersome spotlights with incredibly small ballast components, highest quality reflectors and state of the art internal components and can be easily attached to a first responder's load bearing vest. The Search Light comes in a professional high quality weatherproof factory case offering secure transport & storage.

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