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The global issue of uncleared landmines has been the subject of much International concern. The new MB100 Mine Boot  is designed to provide personnel working in at risk areas with a good level of protection whilst having a minimum impingement of the wearers mobility.

Testing was completed at an independent test range and used clinically representative surrogate limbs and procedures according to the NATO approved protocols.
The MB100 overboot has been shown to provide an excellent level of protection whilst at the same time being practical to wear in a variety of climates and terrain conditions
The decision was made to pursue an overboot design to provide greater operational flexibility to the user than is typically found with a dedicated boot or designs that are extremely difficult to walk normally in.

This affordable and functional design offers protection to a wide range of national armies and humanitarian demining organisations.

The MB100 has been developed by working closely closely with the leading anatomical surrogate limb project team to improve the biofidelity of the existing design. This collaboration has produced what is probably the most realistic test limb available.

The MB100 comes in two sizes to accommodate most users with minimal logistical support. It is designed to protect the wearer encountering mines up to 50g when tested to the NATO protocol. The MB100 reduces damage to the limb so as to provide the surgeon with the opportunity to heal the injury. Without the MB100 lower limb amputation is almost inevitable.

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