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*NATO STOCK NUMBER: 1385-99-004-0262*

The De-Armer has been developed to render safe a variety of air dropped munitions, land service ammunition and some types of Improvised Explosive Device (IED). This is achieved by projecting appropriately shaped steel slugs at high velocity into the fuzes or pistols of conventional munitions or into the bodies of IED’s.

The De-armer is supplied with both a conventional and a recoil reducing barrel. When used with the recoil reducing barrel, recoil is reduced from approximately 30m which is typical for conventional de-armers to approximately 5m. This reduced recoil allows Dragon to be used in areas where collateral damage is of particular concern.

The De-armer consists primarily of two pieces comprising a conventional or recoil reducing barrel with cartridge chamber and a breech plug into which a cartridge is inserted. An optional anti roll/tether device can be fitted at the same time, for situations where there is the danger of losing the Dragon De-armer upon firing, i.e. on a river bank or adjacent to a ship’s side.

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