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EOD082 Recoiless Disruptor/De-armer

Currently in service with the UK MoD and worldwide security agencies, the dual  role Recoilless Disruptor and De-Armer system was developed to combat the threat posed by complex and well protected Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Unexploded Ordnances (UXOs).

Product Capabilities
• Manual multi-shot device capable of thousands of firings without affecting performance
• Disruption barrel enables projection of high pressure water slug into the suspect device, rapidly disrupting the firing circuit and avoiding detonation
• De-Armer barrel enables rapid firing of a selection of steel slugs, chisels or forks to remove or neutralise the fuzes of ordnances including air-dropped bombs and land service munitions
• Neutralises IEDs including pipe bombs and metal cased devices
• Recoilless operation maximises operator safety and prevents collateral damage
• Can be deployed by placing on an appropriate surface such as a car seat or sandbag, mounted in a supplied lightweight stand or on a Remotely Operated Vehicle for enhanced operator flexibility
• Requires minimal training and maintenance

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