Search and EOD Equipment

EOD167 Multi Role Metal Detector

NATO Stock Number: Z5-6665-99-967-3813


The Multi Role Metal Detector is a handheld metal detector, able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous objects, that can be deployed in support of a wide range of operations; including EOD, IEDD, Search and Demining. It is particularly suitable for police search operations and is the preferred metal detector of most UK police forces.

The Multi Role Metal Detector equipment in standard, full pack form is supplied with search probes in addition to the conventional search halo. A short pack form may be specified in which the probes are omitted.

The equipment operates on the pulse induction principle. Recent substantial upgrades have improved still further the excellent sensitivity, particularly to the minimum metal targets.

The Multi Role Metal Detector  is very easy to operate, being completely automatic in operation and requiring no tuning for differing ground condition. The search heads can be operated immersed when in water with no adjustment.

The system can be operated on dry-cells or rechargeable batteries.

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