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EOD305 Handheld Passive Millimeter Wave Scanner

The lightweight Handheld Millimetre Wave Scanner provides instant passive millimetre-wave images of weapons, improvised explosives, containers with liquids and other suspicious objects concealed under clothing. The system is technician-friendly, with easily identifiable images displayed on the unit's integral screen

A vertical sweep of the target creates 2D images from the natural millimetre-wave radiation emitted from the human body. The Handheld Millimetre Wave Scanner allows security personnel to scan in real time areas that are difficult to reach without embarrassing passengers or customers. It is therefore an excellent non-invasive method of checking individuals, especially those with cultural traditions where physical checks are considered invasive.
Furthermore, the rapid ability to detect a threat allows check through lines to move rapidly.

• Maintains privacy
• Maintains dignity
• Affordable
• Portable/Easy to use
• 1/4º C, 1/8” Pixels
• 600 x 400 full color display
• 64 x1024 pixel images
• All images stored, viewable from any browser
• Wireless network enabled, battery operated

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