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EOD602 Blast Inhibitor

The EOD062 Blast Inhibitor has been tested, approved and deployed by the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation and government agencies of several countries. The highest specification inhibitor is able to help suppress the dangerous effects associated with a blast of up to 5kg of TNT or its equivalent. The field testing showed that the inhibitor reduced damaging shock waves, fragmentation and suppressed blast thermal effect. The system is currently deployed to many countries around the world with substantial numbers being used by the Russian Government across many state organizations including, military and police organizations, including their Central Bank and across the entire underground system. The Blast Inhibitor is also in use in India, Australia, Middle East etc. The EOD602 Blast Inhibitor is a rapidly deployable potable system, filled with a multi-phase gas liquid medium and an anti-fragmentation screen. The Blast Inhibitor can be supplied in various configurations including one especially designed for use on an aircraft.

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