Search and EOD Equipment

EX-Det Disposable Explosive Test Kits

Ex-Det HE is a compact and low-cost portable manual swab based detection kit for the family of high explosives including PETN/RDX/TNT/Semtex/HMX/C4 and derivatives (whether tagged or not) offering superb performance with NO known false alarms. Thanks to their low cost and convenient size Ex-Det HE kits are widely used by Police, Army and Security personnel to extend search and protection boundaries and have been proven in many situations.

Ex-Det HM is a compact and low-cost portable kit for detecting home-made explosives that provides accurate and sensitive detection for Ammonium Nitrate based explosives. Ex-Det HM includes a specific test for the 'sugar' variant: the hardest to find. This kit, which has been proven in field, shares the Ex-Det HE's benefits of compact size and low cost and provides analysis within 2 minutes.
The kit can be used in many search applications – including building, vehicle, venue and area searches and, being non-electronic, has no batteries to go flat.

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