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The system uses thin, flexible, storage phosphor plates as the imaging medium. These image plates are reusable after being erased with fluorescent light, and they can be connected using the supplied image plate frame system to x-ray large objects in a single exposure with minimal downrange equipment weight and minimal downrange time. The scanner relies on a contact free, carousel based scanning method to read the image plates. The benefit of contact free scanning is that dust and debris on the image plate surface will not damage the plate or the scanner during processing. Therefore, even in extreme environments, there is no consumable expense for daily cleaning products required to maintain trouble-free operation. The wide dynamic range of the Logos Digital Imaging System also allows users the ability to capture a quality image in one X-ray exposure. The scanner outputs 16-bit grayscale images (65,536 levels of gray) providing a high level of contrast adjustment to easily correct over and under exposures without requiring another trip downrange. The standard Logos Imaging Application offers a suite of automated image processing filters enabling even novice computer users to quickly capitalize on this powerful image processing capability.

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