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EOD019 E3500 Explosive Detector

The E3500 is the world’s first explosives trace handheld based on Luminol Chemilux® (chemiluminescence). It detects many military, commercial, even homemade explosives, liquid and powdered, including TATP and peroxides, plastics, nitrates, and black powder.

It also does not use any external carrier gas or radioactive source (unlike others).

The detector offers portability, quick detection and clear and accurate results with very high selectivity for explosives and immunity to humidity or contamination problems. The Advanced Portable Explosive Detector detects traces of particulates and vapors, allowing for noninvasive searches of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers.


The Advanced Portable Explosive Detector is flexible and easy to operate, offering both vapor and particulate sampling without the use of an external carrier gas or radioactive source. Vapors are sampled directly via the sampling nozzle. Particulates are sampled by swiping a suspected object with a cotton glove or other means and transferring any traces to the unit. This dual capability enables users to select the most suitable method of sampling for the explosives of interest. The Advanced Portable Explosive Detector processing samples immediately and gives results in just seconds. All results are indicated on the LCD graphical and numerical display.

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