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*NATO STOCK NUMBER: 6230-99-481-9726*

Using the latest in LED technology the Rechargeable LED 24 Floodlight is an advanced portable floodlight designed for use in the harshest of environments. The system uses solid-state mounted LEDs and a thermally efficient light engine housed in an extremely robust injection molded body. This all combines to produce a maintenance free portable floodlight.

Depending upon the duration of the job, the dual functionality of the keypad gives the user a choice of power duration to see the job right through the night.

The LED 24 has a telescopic mast that extends to 830mm with a 360° pivoting head. The system can also be used in conjunction with the LED Tripod system. The tripod, not supplied as standard, gives an additional 3000mm height to the standard product where extra height is required. Made from robust aluminum tubing with a secure light head locking mechanism, the tripod system is lightweight yet durable. The tripod system is supplied with a 3000mm extension lead complete with connectors.

The system is also available in twin tower 48 LED or four tower 96 LED configuatations, in standard light or IR.

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