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The RF Detector is designed to detect, locate, and identify, virtually all known or theoretically possible, Radio Microphone attacks, with an ease of use previously impossible. It is a highly effective system whether used by used by seasoned professionals, or those who have had only limited training. The RF Detector is a Differential Field Gradient Radio Microphone Detector that works by detecting the rapidly changing electromagnetic fields created by an adjacent radio microphone, while rejecting the strong but essentially constant electromagnetic fields due to distant but powerful broadcast transmitters.

The RF Detector’s search head contains two balanced ultra wide band detectors positioned side by side. The system works by comparing the outputs from the two detectors on the search head. When the search head is detecting only innocent broadcast transmissions from distance sources, the output from each of the two search head detectors is equal, and the unit will give little or zero meter indication. When the search head is moved over a radio microphone, the system’s metering detects the imbalance providing indication on the LED metering, usually a full scale deflection.

The unit  is equipped with an audio demodulation system enabling the nature of
the transmission detected to be ascertained.

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