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Continued improvements in technology has enabled electronic eavesdropping devices to be made smaller with better transmission and improved audio quality. Some are even capable of being switched off remotely by the user, making detection of the device extremely difficult as most electronic eavesdropping countermeasures equipment detect the active transmission signal of the eavesdropping device. NLJDs are capable of detecting electronic components used in the manufacture of eavesdropping devices and, therefore, do not need an active signal to be present in order for the system to detect a device.

The cost-effective Non Linear Junction Detector is both lightweight and user friendly. It is operated by using a simple touch screen mounted on the unit. The system is able to distinguish between electronic components and other metallic objects, thus ensuring accuracy as well as peace of mind. Combining ease of use, Digital Signal Processing techniques and optimised antenna design means that the system offers the very best solution for detecting hidden electronic devices even if the devices are switched off.

User Benefits
• Simple three step method of operation gives reliable and accurate detection, identification and location of hidden electronic devices
• Utilises Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for advanced target identification
• Discriminates between electronic and metal targets to maximise search effort
• Ergonomic design for comfortable operation
• Lightweight and easy to use
• Unique extending head mechanism
• Compact for easy transportation
• Portable battery powered operation

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